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It is known that the laws of the countries comprising the European Union, has been developed for common trends. 

But alongside that, the laws of each country so unique, and if we talk about the Spanish laws for their unicalidad can highlight, expressing loyalty to a good non-residents who wish to obtain a property in this territory. What do you need to know before you purchase your home in Spain? 

First, any property in Spain is registered in the Land Registry ¨ ¨ where its surface, prices, owner, etc shown ...

In the process of purchase, the buyer receives a document called Public ¨ ¨ Scripture, the which receives a personal number, which happens with the Land Registry. 

Second, can take care of the sale of the home owner as both a real estate agency which will be authorized to sign the sale by the seller before a notary. If more than one owner, then the sale of the property for the acceptance of each need. 

Escitura signed by the seller and the buyer in the notary: After signing the contract, on the agreed date, the registration of the documents showing the sale is made. After his signature and the entry of the remainder of the money, the buyer gets the right to the property and you will only go to the Land Registry. 

In conclusion, it remains to add that the cost of maintaining the property in Spain are not very high: for example, for a family of 3 people, considering they have fixed their residence, the cost of electricity, water, community can be about 600 € a year. This amount is extracted from the owner's bank account, and notified by letter that comes home.