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Real estate in Spain without restrictions can be bought and sold as citizens and officials of a foreign state. 

Version of the "certificate of ownership" in the Spanish legislation is drawing up and signing of the notary deed in (Spanish «Escritura publica»), this document should be registered in the Property Register (Spanish Registro de Propiedad). Before the signing of the deed may take from 2 weeks to 4 months. 

The buying process is :

1-Selecting an object .

2.Legal review of selected real estate ownership, encumbrances, payment of taxes, utility bills, etc. (Testing conducted Agency). 

3-The signing of the sales contract between the buyer and seller (or his representative) in this agreement takes into account the wishes of the parties, such as method of payment and the date of signing the deed at the notary. Compliance with this agreement binding on both parties. 

4-At the same time it paid the amount from 3000 to 6000, for the provision of real estate and its withdrawal from sale. 

5-Opening a current account in a Spanish bank. 

6-Obtaining NIE (foreigner identification number) 

7-Getting the tax code. 

8-If the transaction is delayed for 1-3 months, then in the next 10-20 days after the agreement is entered another provisional sum. This may be from 10% to 20% of the value.

9-If you need a mortgage, preparing documents, and we will submit to the Bank. 

10-After obtaining the necessary documents made ​​conveyance of property to the notary, the final payment for the property, payment of taxes and duties. From this point on the object becomes the property of the buyer. 

Addition to the above documents, to purchase real estate in Spain, the buyer will need his passport. If the buyer can not personally participate in documenting the transaction with the seller of real estate, it can give power of attorney to a third party for the right to execute the deal. You can arrange a power of attorney and notary's office in the country where the buyer lives. But in this case it is required translation into Spanish and stamped on it apostille. Spanish consulate should assure this document.