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So you've decided to buy a house in Spain! You're very lucky because now is the best time to buy a property in this beautiful country. 

Why is it the best? First, due to the global crisis, property prices in Spain fell sharply, reaching its lowest level in some areas where housing prices were high. Second, the mortgage loans in Spain is available. 

Currently the company Antaal life has developed a program to finance your purchase up to 70% of the price of housing. This loan has nothing to do with loans from private banks, which makes large banks in Spain in conditions in Europe.

The interests of the bank are only 5% annually over 30 years. No intermediary organizations between the client and the bank. The loan guarantee is the same property that fence to acquire. 


  For example, you have seen all the proposals made in the market, and the option that suits you, is worth € 200,000. 

If you have this amount, then, of course, the easiest way is to pay one time. But think that money can be invested without risk in a bank or a business. And as usual, there are always times when you really need that money. Then arises the second option, in which you only pay half of that amount, ie € 100,000 and has a home to suit your taste with the help of a mortgage that meets your dream. 

To summarize our mathematics: 

In both cases, the undoubted advantages are: the amount you can borrow 50-70%; benefits of the transaction; You will not have to deal with intermediaries; and most important, you acquire the home of your dreams. 

Documents for registration of the mortgage: 

Pit the last 2 years, 

Work certificate indicating the hours and wages 

Checking that shows the movement of money in the last half of the year, 

The credit history, 

Contract reserves roots. 

Property records 

* The Bank may, if necessary, request additional documents. 
* All documents should be in Spanish and authenticated by the Consulate of Spain or an official translator.