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Do you want a house in Spain? Now - it's time. 

  Growth of real estate sales in Spain increased by four times. This result antics and grimaces crisis. 

  Normal growth in property prices over the last 10 years prior to the crisis was on average 17-20% per year. And even this figure is much higher than the annual growth in per capita income in Spain. 

Before the crisis, demand for property in Spain increased by the fact that the European Community has a huge infusion of infrastructure development in Spain, there were new jobs, cheap labor from Eastern European countries. Making available property in Spain for many. Reasonable and affordable loans allow you to purchase ordinary Spaniards new homes and apartments. 

  But the global financial crisis has changed a lot. 

As in many countries, the Spanish construction industry was unprepared for such circumstances. Demand for real estate plummeted. Number of new projects declined. Job cuts turned out bad loans and non-payment of mortgage payments. Financial position of the banks did not allow for new projects. 

  To understand what is happening and how to get out of this unusual situation banks took time. Emigrants have returned home. Construction companies reduced prices to cost-recovery levels. Banks began to seek new buyers on the mortgaged property. 

  2011 was still difficult for the Spanish construction companies. Not yet paid the old loans for new projects can not talk. Banks have tightened requirements and increased interest. Builders do not fall within the terms of their projects, which means that in the coming years there will shortage of new quality housing. In early 2013, property prices have reached their minimum, banks almost got rid of unnecessary real estate. Since mid-2013 banks resumed active lending, developers took up the suspended projects - this will lead to the fact that property prices in Spain in the near future will grow. 

  At the same time thousands of pieces of real estate, built in the mountain and desert areas may never find a buyer. There is no modern infrastructure, quality of construction is poor. Without additional funding to make such residential areas impossible. These projects potentially unprofitable. 

  The demand for housing on the coast and there always will be. Here, the "pent-up demand" is increasing. 

For those wishing to purchase a property in Spain today offers many options: 

  • For those who likes to fall asleep to the sound of the waves - apartments on the beach; 
  • For urbanists - dreamers - apartments in skyscrapers, overlooking the sea; 
  • For lovers of peace and quiet joy - small houses in the green valleys; 
  • The Young and the Restless - apartments in the heart of tourist parties and holidays; 
  • For those who are important prestige and glamor - in expensive neighborhoods of cities in Spain. 

Choice is great, prices are available. Spanish banks offer unprecedented conditions for lending. It will not last forever. Only as long as the end property that is pledged to the banks. 

Need to seize the moment today, tomorrow may be too late. 

  Prices can only grow, conditions change. 

When buying now produced not only pre-training facilities, but also the post - sales service. 

The company has Antaal life advice and assistance on a variety of issues that arise when buying a property. This connection to utilities, insurance design, equipment, and design of new housing, assistance in purchasing a vehicle or repair and additional construction. 

  Take advantage of the situation, catch the tail of a dream - buy a house in Spain! 

Dreams have to come true!