Concierge services for VIP clients

The concierge desk in Spain is not yet a thing well known by all. Many are tourists and others are people who love to live in Spain, at home on the beach, skeptical smile and say: "I've been in Spain". It is thought that in Spain there is no such service! This is not Thailand, where janitors do not leave a single white point, where you can forget all their own needs and have your hands free - will have 2 or 3 native behind. In Spain, however, even to order a bottle of wine to a room of a 5 star hotel should know how. Experienced managers of the tourism industry, located in Barcelona, joking that his good holiday in Spain - is hard work for us. Of course, we take into account, first, make your holiday successfully organized - is a well organized sequence of events in Spain that require a titanic amount of workers. Naturally, this affects the final cost of most tourist products ..

Therefore, many tourists often refuse to accept the "complete package", regarding it as overvalued, preferring to travel cheaper, but as "wild". This choice made with the hope of self organize everything perfectly. Many years of practice, unfortunately, show otherwise. This plan does not go very thrifty. On the contrary - after a few days of self-organization, to run into the Spanish mentality, irresponsibility and errors of services and recreational facilities, our compatriots are disappointed. And generally, "throw in the towel". They sit in your hotel and start drinking cocktails in the bar, exchanging their plans unfulfilled guides, fishing in a boat, balloon rides or a relaxing bath in SPA with a "whiskey-cola"

But in Spain, people with money who live here permanently, have more experience in relation to the organization for a comfortable stay, participants found time ago, which makes their daily tasks. And excellently solved! But if you ask them how long they have spent in finding and "custom" to his assistant, frown and groan under a say - Years! The search for a suitable, attentive, knowledgeable and punctual, responsible worker and who "knows their place" can spend half of life. Therefore, it is not surprising that the vast majority of people living permanently continue even without staff. Sure every day he tried. But the best is always one in a hundred. How can we address the issue of specialized care in a new Spanish home?

Enjoy "Spain Russian style" - make a contract Concierge services according to their needs. If I came to Spain from time to time, but would like to feel in the company, using the services of a personal secretary. This person will take care of your dinner, finding the right restaurant and make a table reservation time inform or recommend a route for a Sunday trip and impart the best route. If this is the case of a store and you can not communicate in any language with the same staff, the concierge will explain by phone everything you want to buy. If you live in Spain permanently - then all your household chores can be easily shifted to the shoulders of the individual patient "Spain Russian style" Try it and see how you enjoy your free time!

Concierge services in Spain:


Travel, rest, fun

  • Organization of an individual tour of Spain
  • Reservation of airline tickets, train, bus ...
  • Organization of individual fishing trips, falconry, hunting ...
  • Table reservation in restaurants, clubs ....
  • Collecting tickets for theater, cinema, football matches ....
  • Organization of rental cars, yachts, boats ...
  • Organization of events, weddings, parties ...
  • Organization of transport, car rental, yachts, planes ...
  • Help with the choice of properties in Spain: apartments, villas rental ...


 Daily tasks

  • Delivery of meals and home shopping.
  • Call a taxi, mailing or delivery of flowers
  • Payment of bills, community consultations
  • Call doctors, hairdressers, masseurs, vet home
  • Search personnel choice: babysitter, cook, assistant, gardener, security ...
  • Courier Services in Spain
  • Organization of home cleaning, dry cleaning ...
  • Find products and services
  • Organization of treatment in Spanish clinics, medical appointments
  • Company a translator
  • Search and tuition assistance at kindergartens, schools, colleges, schools, sports centers ...
  • Animal Walk


Commercial and business aid

  • Control of the working calendar in Spain
  • Organization of VIP tickets at airports
  • Help with visas, passports, sworn translations
  • Business correspondence in Spain
  • translation services
  • Save the date and your organization



  • Insurance of family and property, communication with insurance companies
  • Call crane
  • Help in important situations
  • purchase and sale of property Help the vehicle in Spain
  • On-line translation by phone
  • Information directories